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We are an industry leader providing Energy Producers around the globe with advanced Floating Roof Systems, Sealing Solutions as well as durable Accessories and Support Services, to maintain the highest level of efficiency for all their emission control needs. The core of our success can be found in our commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Internal Floating Roof Systems

Serving Energy Producers around the world

Sandborn Roofs & Seals, the only call required to meet your floating roof and seal needs. With over four decades of expertise and thousands of installations, we’ve earned the trust of companies worldwide.
Sandborn Floating Roof System, Showcasing Emission Control Technology
Whether it’s a new tank or refurbishment of an existing tank, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment designed to meet the highest emission control standards.
With a variety of options available, Sandborn can deliver the solutions necessary to eliminate emissions and maximize tank operation. With our in-house engineering, design, fabrication and testing, it’s one call, period.

Our floating roof provides the highest level of emission control available.

Sandborn Internal Floating Roofs are designed with product compatibility, seal systems and safe and effective support structures in mind.

Floating roof seals can be exposed to extreme conditions.

Whether exposed to intense heat or cold, a Sandborn seal is designed to exceed all standards and operate under the most demanding of conditions. Each Sandborn seal is custom manufactured and fully tested prior to shipment.
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Each component is designed to provide maximum efficiency.

With an industry exclusive 10 year anti-sinking warranty, the Sandborn Internal Floating Roof is the best solution for today’s tank operation.

Our testing equipment enables us to replicate tank conditions.

A Sandborn seal assembly will provide the highest emission control and regulatory compliance under any and all operating conditions.

The Industry’s best Internal Floating Roof System.

Premium-quality with an industry-exclusive 10-Year Anti-Sinking Warranty.

Sandborn Internal Floating Roof (SIFR) System

Sandborn Internal Floating Roof Systems

Serving Oil and Gas Producers Around the World

With a legacy of excellence dating back to 1979, we have solidified our reputation as an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of Internal Floating Roof (IFR) Systems. Energy Producers around the globe rely on our superior floating roof technology to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency.

Reduces Exposure

Our IFRs reduce the exposed surface area of the liquid by more than 97%, resulting in significantly lower tank emissions and greater efficiency than pontoon-based IFR systems.

Full Contact Design

Our IFRs have virtually no vapour cavities below the deck surface, reducing evaporation and harmful emissions.

Heat Sealing Tech

Our IFR deck modules are heat sealed and mechanically fastened together during construction, eliminating seams and creating a vapour tight surface area.

Support Systems

Our IFR can be suspended from the tank roof by adjustable support cables or legs, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Easy Installation

Our IFR system can be installed through a standard API manway, with no need for shell cut outs or modifications.

Multiple Sealing Systems

With multiple sealing systems available, our IFR offers maximum sealing efficiency and durability in all product applications.
Steel Deck of Sandborn Internal Floating Roof (SIFR), Showcasing Robust Construction and Seamless Design for Optimal Emission Control

The Sandborn
Mechanical Sealing System

With years of hands-on field experience and expertise, we’ve seen it all. Sandborn Seals promise to not just control but eliminate emissions with our patent-pending system and technology. Exposed to the harshest conditions, be it extreme heat, extreme cold or otherwise, a Sandborn seal is designed to exceed all standards and operate under the most demanding conditions. Sandborn Seals utilize the highest-grade stainless steel and are engineered and designed using the latest technology and manufacturing practices.
  • Custom designed to meet all regulatory standards
  • Can be installed while tank remains ‘In-Service’
  • No welding or flame cutting required for installation
  • SCAQMD, BAAQMD and EPA approved
  • Patented ‘deck positioner’ ensuring proper seal contact

Our Accessories

Everything you need for your floating roof operations, all under one roof!

Sandborn delivers solutions that are imperative to eliminate emissions and maximize your tank operations.


  • Skimmers
  • Diffusers
  • Circulation and Inspection Vents
  • Overflow Slots
  • EFRT Drains

Internal Floating Roof

  • Gauge Pole Covers & Boxes
  • Leg Boots
  • Floating Suctions

Our Services

Simplifying your floating roof requirements with our comprehensive services.

Our services are essential in ensuring safe, compliant, and efficient operation of your tanks. They contribute to safety, environmental responsibility, cost-effectiveness, and the overall success of your company’s operational and emission control goals.

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