Gauge Pole Covers & Boxes

When it comes to maximizing emission elimination, our gauge pole covers and boxes provide the highest level of emission control to ensure safe tank operations.

Durable design
Available in materials of varying thickness
Stainless internal components
Application specific boxes

Separator Covers

Durable, lightweight design for ease of installation.

  • Options available for various panel thicknesses
  • Complete with access portals
  • Emission controlling capabilities
  • Reduced installation costs

Leg Sleeves

Our leg sleeves are designed to reduce emissions and product loss caused by vapors escaping from the support legs. Designed with MesaThane™ 6036 Urethane seal material to form a covering, our leg sleeves provide excellent chemical resistance for the stored product on the inside, while providing a durable exterior to withstand the harshest environmental conditions on the outside.

Interior resists 100% aromatics, neat M.T.B.E. and gasohol vapors
Exterior resists UV, water and ozone effects
Factory welded R/F seams provide durability
Efficient method of controlling vapor emissions on EFR systems
Easy installation, even while the tank is in service


Using a combination of stainless steel armor cladding and 100% aromatic resistant flexible material, our drain system is suitable for a wide variety of stored products. They come with a multi-coil design, to localize drain assembly under the floating roof, virtually eliminating the risk of interference with tank internals or entanglement with the floating roof leg supports.

Compatible with pure M.T.B.E., 100% aromatic hydrocarbons (Benzene & Toluene), pure alcohol, gasoline, jet fuels, and crude oil
Smooth internal fluidway for low flow resistance, with no corrugation to trap sediment or cause turbulence
Slight negative buoyancy in stored products including light chemicals, heavy crude oil and water.
System ensures less maintenance, less product loss, reduced shutdowns, and maximum service life
Sandborn can provide field installation in western provinces and installation supervision across Canada

Float Wells

Our Float Wells are designed to provide an economical solution to slotted gauge pole emissions, and can be installed in a matter of minutes. They are fully customizable and precisely engineered, keeping every aspect of safety and stainless steel guide systems in mind.

Seal material resists 100% aromatics, neat M.T.B.E. and gasohol vapors
Durable stainless steel construction with stainless steel chain
Easy installation and removal, even while the tank is in service
Standard sizes to fit typical 8” diameter slotted gauge poles
Highly economical method of controlling vapor emissions on EFR systems