Critical component of every floating roof

Sandborn has numerous options available to meet the highest standards within the industry. With a variety of seal systems, our client partners can be assured that a Sandborn supplied seal will be the right seal for their application. Our in-house seal testing ensures every Sandborn supplied seal is fully tested prior to installation. Shoe seals, foam log seals, wiper seals or a combination of seal types, we have all seal solutions for your needs, whether it be for a perimeter or penetration, we’ve got you covered!

Versa Seal

Cost-effective sealing solution for majority of floating roof applications.

Available in multiple widths to accommodate tank shell conditions
Class A Flame Spread rated material available
Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +65ºC
Durable with an expected service life exceeding 10 years
Regulatory compliant and suitable for a wide variety of product storage

Featherweight Shoe Seal

100% custom-designed for each and every application.

The lightest, most durable mini shoe seal available in the industry
Multiple fabrics available to meet all service requirements
Fully customizable to ensure a perfect fit
Option of a secondary seal that exceeds regulatory requirements
Optional wax scrapers available

Single, double, and customizable penetration seals to suit all your tank needs

Single seals are the most commonly installed
Double seals offer enhanced emission control
Customizable and uniquely designed for any existing penetration

Single Seal

Double Seal

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